The Spa at Jo's Paris offers a luxurious setting where you receive the pampering and renewal of Scottsdale spa services that you have earned.








Classic European – $80.00

You've earned your leisure. Now, it's time to be pampered with the European techniques including cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, with protection and extractions using ocean-based products compatible and optimized for your skin type.

Fountain of Youth – $100.00

Time is rolled back as a layer of pure mineral-rich seaweed extract penetrates deeply to your skin's core adding back the moisture and firmness of youth, while subtracting the fine lines and wrinkles that the years have created. Dry, dehydrated skin comes alive with renewed tone and texture is restored. After just one treatment, your complexion is smoother and radiantly youthful.

The Ultimate OgenAge Facial – $140.00

Empower your skin as you boost the capacity of your skin to withstand aging. Using the purest sea elements, this facial enriches and moisturizes more than any other. A service that includes a cooling, lifting mask ,and a warm, thermal masque with a seaweed mud treatment for your back as you receive the ultimate in facials.

Detoxifying Facial – $90.00

This service is designed with troubled skin in mind. A deep-cleansing facial, the Detoxifying Facial, visibly reduces pore size and helps prevent breakouts by regulating oil production - all without aggravating the skin. This facial promises immediate results by improving texture and clarity of the skin while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production. Skin density and firmness are enhanced and improved with the incorporation of coenzyme Q-10 and vitamin C.

Hydralift Facial – $100.00

Sun exposure and pollution strips your skin of its essential natural oils, leaving it thirsty and dehydrated. Let yoru skin drink in the moisturizing effects of a compress masque soaked in a moisture-quench solution, restoring your skin to its natural, dewy complexion. Pure soothing heaven.

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel – $100,00

The perfect answer for congested or acneic skin. Using 100% chemical-free exfoliating agents made of pumpkin enzymes, this enzyme peel clears your skin of cellular buildup, that can cause pore congestion. The result is a skin that is smooth, polished, and radiant. Not recommended for those overly sensitive skin. Not for Retin-A patients.

Acne Facial - $70

Combat oily skin and control breakouts. This facial is a combination of deep-cleansing, extractions, and custom masques, promoting balanced and healthier skin.

Back Treatment – $90.00

This calming treatment deeply cleanses, and normalizes areas while improving the back's appearance.

Gentleman's Hot Towel Facial – $80.00

This nourishing facial of antioxidants and active herbal compounds smooth the skin while countering the effects of the sun and other damaging environmental elements.

Instant Gratification Facial - $60

The shorter version of our Classic European Facial is recommended for those who need excellent results in minimal time. Include cleansing, exfoliation, treatment, hydration and protection for the skin. This facial does not include extractions.

Start with the finest skin care specialists, add the finest waxes available, and you will achieve the smoothest results.
Prior to waxing, please advise your Aesthetician if you are using Retin-A, Differen, or Glycolic Acid on your skin.

Brow Design
Brow Wax
Lip Wax
Chin Wax
Full Face Wax
Bikini Wax
Brazilian Bikini Wax
Back Wax
Full Arm Wax
Upper Leg Wax
Lower Leg Wax
Full Leg and Bikini Wax
Full Leg and Brazilian Bikini Wax


Eyelash Tint
Brow Tint

$ 25.00+
$ 20.00
$ 15.00
$ 15.00
$ 50.00+
$ 40.00+
$ 55.00+
$ 50.00+
$ 40.00+
$ 45.00+
$ 45.00+


$ 35.00
$ 25.00


Make-Up Application
Make-Up Lesson
Special Event Application
Add Lashes

$ 50.00
$ 65.00
$ 80.00
$ 10.00