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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Change your Look… Change your life

Everyone kept telling me about this salon in North Scottsdale Short Hair specialists | Jo Paris Salonthat they loved. They kept raving about the amazing haircuts, the spa services, and how the salon had such a different feel from other salons. Every time I thought someone’s hair looked great and asked them where they had it done, I usually got the same answer—Jo’ Paris Salon & Spa. Everyone kept telling me how great it was, how friendly, and how they were top-notch and gave the best haircuts and color. Everyone was raving about them. And when I was raving, I mean I couldn’t get one of my friends to stop going on and on about how fabulous they were. So, since my hair was in desperate need of someone who could understand it (and me), I took the plunge.

The directions were easy—I had the address, but when my friend said it was right behind Sopporo, I knew exactly where to head. When I walked in, I felt like I stepped out of Scottsdale and into Europe. The place had a very cool, European vibe. Everyone greeted me, offered me something to drink, and asked me about myself. It was an inclusive-feeling atmosphere with a chic setting. There was a small boutique to the left when I walked in, and the entire salon was done in dark and light woods with green accents. 

I came to find out that the owners were from France. Owned by a husband and wife team, the husband, Jo, was a famous stylist in France and was the official stylist of the Cannes Film Festival for 10 years! He had clients, including a large roster of celebrities, come from all over for him to do their hair. I chatted with him for a few minutes (how often does the owner come over to say hello?!) and he told me how it had been his dream to immigrate to the United States and to open a salon here. This one had opened in early 2011. His dream had been to handpick stylists who could provide the same cutting-edge services that he could, and who could offer clients the absolute best in hair care. And the setting was also just as important to him. Everyone who worked at the salon had to get along with everyone else and be willing to collaborate in order to provide clients the best possible service, and the salon had to offer a European feel that made clients feel at home.

On my first visit, I decided on a haircut and color—and I have never been so happy. I have difficult hair with cowlicks, but the cut worked those into the style so that it somehow always falls just right. And the color is absolutely perfect for my skin tone. We had gone lighter than I had originally thought, but the stylist insisted it was the shade my skin needed. She was so right. It’s perfect.My stylist shared with me that everyone in the salon only uses the very best color products, which are by Goldwell. The products are formulated using the most innovative and advanced technologies,in order to deliver the utmost predictable and vibrant results every single time. And, every month, the stylists are be trained by a Goldwell professional in the latest techniques, introduced to the newest products, and taught how to obtain the absolute bestcolor for their clients—all in order to ensure the very best results for their clients.

I also loved that I finally found one place to go where they are experts in everything, from cutting my hair to finding the perfect color to extensions and more. They are great at all styles, from long to short, and know all the latest haircutting techniques and color techniques. I loved that they make education a priority—they emphasize always staying on top of learning the latest techniques and industry information so they can offer their clients the best and most up-to-date techniques. It’s a place where I could really put my hair in their hands for anything and know I could trust them to make it perfect.

I’m now a devoted client and will never go anywhere else. And you’ll find me there for my hair, nails, spray tans, waxes and facials! I love this place!